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Engineering Equipment Design Guidelines

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Engineering Equipment Design and Sizing Software

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Kolmetz.Com has developed Engineering Design Guidelines, excel spreadsheets, and software to assist engineers, operations and maintenance personnel in designing many of the equipment types in plant unit operations.

The industry design guidelines are typically a collection of multiple industry references which need to be reviewed by an operations personnel or design engineer when designing or specifying a piece of equipment such as a control valve, relief valve or heat exchanger.

To help simplify this process, we have reviewed the industry references and have developed guidelines for engineers to do Preliminary Designs and Process Specification Sheets. The final design must always be guaranteed for the service selected by the manufacturing vendor, but these guidelines will greatly reduce the amount of up front engineering hours that are required to develop the final design. The guidelines are a training tool for young engineers or a resource for engineers with experience.

There are some very low cost guidelines and programs, sometimes even free, provided by the equipment vendors. Let the buyer beware, many times these guidelines and programs tend to pick their brand as the best choice - good for the vendor, maybe not so good for the buyer.

Engineering Design Guidelines Products

1. Written Guideline of Design Basis

  1. Introduction - an introduction which has an overview of each application - 2 to 6 pages.

  2. Definitions - a list of definitions used in the industry and these guidelines - 1 to 2 pages.

  3. Theory - the engineering fundamentals and principals that are used to design the particular piece of equipment - these are all developed from first principles - 5 to 20 pages.

  4. Application - how the engineering fundamentals and principals are applied in the field, with an example of the design of the equipment - 5 to 20 pages.

  5. Process Specification Sheet - for the designed equipment example a typical process data sheet is derived - 1 to 2 pages.

2. Excel Based Spreadsheet based on Written Guideline Content

The Excel Spread Sheets are based on the written guideline contents. They also include the designed equipment examples in the written content. There is one spread sheet with multiple work sheets tabs for the examples.

3. Application Program Based on Written Guideline Content

Equipment Group

  1. Piping Hydraulics Line Design and Sizing Software (Ready for Purchase)

  2. Instrumentation Control Valve Design and Sizing Software (Ready for Purchase)

  3. Physical and Thermodynamic Property Software (Ready For Purchase)

  4. Thermal Relief Valve Sizing Software (In Development)

  5. Flow Restriction Orifice Plate Design and Sizing Software (Ready for Purchase)

  6. Instrumentation Orifice Plate Design and Sizing Software (In Development)

  7. Safety Pressure Relief Valve Design and Sizing Software (In Development)

Great Sizing Software

These are one of the best stand alone sizing programs available.

  1. Liquid and vapor flow options.

  2. Multiple units of measure choices - mass or volume

  3. Pure components to choose and properties are calculated at your chosen temperature and pressure

  4. The ability to choose mixtures based on your chosen percentage, and properties are calculated at your chosen temperate and pressure.

Piping Hydraulic Line Design and Sizing Software Overview

Control Valve Sizing Software Overview

Physical and Thermodynamic Properties Software Overview

Restriction Orifice Sizing Software Overview

Free Software

KLM Technology Group has developed some free software for the Public

Units Conversion Software

Scientific Calculator

Please send email to webmaster@klmtechgroup.com for your free copy.

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