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Simulation and Optimization Services

Our Key Associates Group has been formed by engineering professionals from operating, engineering, and service companies. We believe the experience, training, and expertise gained over the years by our team is a marketable commodity.

We make use of the extensive operational experience to offer our customers integrated and proven solutions. Software and optimization programs are only as good as the personnel who utilize them.

Keys to Simulation and Optimization

  1. An emphasis on performance and reliability.

  2. Solutions that have a proven record of success.

  3. Consultants that understand the operational side of the business.

Areas of Simulation and Optimization

  1. Distillation - Typical projects see energy reductions while maintaining constant product purities.

  2. Energy Utilization - One of our projects saw a 7% energy reduction with no capital expenditure (2008) (USD 1.5 million savings)- large companies target 3% per year with capital spending.

  3. Feed Stock Evaluation - Producing the same amount of product with less feedstock = 100% profit. In two different projects we have see large reductions in feedstock to product ratios. (2003) (2008) - Over USD 20.0 Million in 2008

  4. Process Utilities - One of the areas that tends to be overlooked, yet is chemical and energy intensive. One project reduced utility chemical cost 35%. (1998)

Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control (APC) is an important part of the process optimization. There are several steps that should be completed before beginning an Advanced Process Control of USD $1.5+ million.

  1. Complete your basic regulatory control system. Get the maximum benefit possible from your existing system - very large Return on Investment (ROI)

  2. Independently establish your base line. The base line is the datum from which the APC value will be determined, and many times there are bonus attached to the value added by the APC. Do not allow the company installing the APC to help set the base line - large conflict of interest - Hire an independent firm like KLM Technology Group to help you set the base line - why give money away?

  3. Many times in the Acceptant Test Run Procedures the company will past the test. The company doing the Acceptance Test Run Procedure might be conducting 6 to 10 per year. In your company you may be doing one every three years. Guess which group has the advantage in the Acceptance Test Run? Again hire an independent group, like KLM Technology Group, with more than 10 test runs experience - they know the games that are played in a test run.

  4. You should not allow a chemical engineer who knows a very small amount about a compressor to verify a compressor Acceptance Test Run. But is is common to have people in charge of the Acceptance Test Run who are great people, but know very little about the equipment.

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