Project Management

The primary goal of a project manager and the project team, is to finish the project as specified, on schedule and within budget.

Here is a good example of Project Management of A Distillation System

Keys of Project Management

1.    Plan, Organize, and Control - This applies to virtually every activity on the project - starting with the kick off meeting and extending to all engineering, procurement and construction activities.

2.    KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid - Over detailed plan, budgets, schedules, and control systems do not automatically equate to more successful projects.


The general planning activities include;

1.    The project execution plan

2.    The time plan / schedule

3.    The money plan

4.    The material and resource plan


The general organizational activities include;

1.    Prepare organizational charts

2.    Prepare personnel loading curves

3.    Issue project procedures


The general control activities include;

1.    Quality control of engineering, materials, and construction

2.    Control project schedule

3.    Control budget and cash flow


Typical Project Scope

Stage One

Engineering Study, Site Investigation & ProcessEngineering

Stage Two

Process and Mechanical Design, Equipment Selection

Stage Three

Procurement, Fabrication and Assembly

Technical White Paper - Contracting Strategy of Project Management

Stage Four

Installation and Quality Control

 Stage Five

Operations Training and Commissioning Support

Stage Six

Service Support and Maintenance