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KLM Technology Group's

Operation's Commissioning Services

Our Key Associates Group has been formed by engineering professionals from operating, engineering, and service companies. We believe the experience, training, and expertise gained over the years by our team is a marketable commodity. The energy industry has become global and many companies are forced to downsize rather than expend the enormous resources required to maintain a large experienced staff. Utilizing this group's experienced team only when needed is a great way to leverage human resources.

Our personnel are equipped with the knowledge gained through years of experience on various projects. Our project execution plan involves submitting a perspective project commissioning manager or a selection of candidates as you like. All our personnel resources and managers are available for consultation, even if they are not assigned to your project. When you decide to let this group work for you, you do not get one person or team. You get all the expertise our company can glean to insure your project is successful.

The Group's managed approach to Operation's Commissioning Services in the process industries utilizes a proven methodology to ensure our clients receive a completely tested and commissioned plant that meets all of their expectations for reliability, maintainability, and performance. Please review attached paper on Roles and Responsibilities of Plant Commissioning.

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Poland January 2007

Indian IPCL April 2006

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