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Welcome to Kolmetz.Com

Kolmetz.Com is a chemical engineering web site that publishes technical articles on distillation, process optimization, operations training, personal improvement, process unit safety and environmental concerns.

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Ethylene Unit

Operation Management Concepts


 Jeff Gray


Karl Kolmetz


Tham Chee Mun




1.         Current Views

            A.               Market Outlook

B.               Expansions

 2.        Ethylene Plant Overall Economics

            A.               General Investment

B.               Plant Capacity

C.              You versus the Industry

 3.        Follow The Money

             A.   Where the Money is Made

 B.   Where the Money is Spent

 C.   Where the Money is Lost

 4.        Engineering Based Human Resources

             A.               Wages versus Productivity

 5.        Effective Management

A.           Time Management

B.          Set up the Correct Atmosphere

            C.          Details are Important


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