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Fractionation Technology for the Petroleum Refining Industry

Albert Hug

Peter W. Faessler

Karl Kolmetz

Wai Kiong Ng

Kazuo Watari

Prepared for
22nd JPI Petroleum Refining Conference
"Recent Progress in Petroleum Process Technology"

Town Hall Funabori
4-1-1 Funabori, Kdogawa-ku
Tokyo, Japan
20 October 2004


Distillation Research and Development is moving rapidly with the utilization of Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling (CFD). Previously a potential fractionation application would be developed and fabricated. Then many hours of pilot plant testing would be required to finalize the design. The time line for the development of new distillation equipment has been reduced, leading to advances in fractionation equipment.

Current applications of trays, packings, distributors and feed inlets can be optimized utilizing CFD Modeling. CFD Modeling has improved the current generation of fractionation equipment. This modeling is also particularly important in maximizing capacity in tower revamps where the diameter of the tower is fixed. This paper will focus on a review of current generation fractionation equipment and the utilization of the same in the Petroleum Refining Industry.


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