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Communicating Effectively Among Engineers

Cyron Anthony Soyza
Phoenix Training and Development Centre

Karl Kolmetz
KLM Technology Group

Prepared for :-
The Seventh Triennial AEESEAP Conference
" Enhancing Engineering Education and Training:
A University - Industry - Government Partnership "

December 8-9, 2003
Hilton Petaling Jaya


Engineering is a subject that must be communicated correctly due to the important of the subject matter. Engineers make decisions in construction, from outer space to deep-sea space, which can have potentially negative consequences.

Communication is an interchange of thoughts, ideas, and opinions between people. True communication involves transmission, reception and comprehension of the ideas and subject matter. Every action, direction, discussion, or negotiation needs to utilizes the communication tools available; both written and verbal to reinforce the ideas and subject matter.

Effective Communication is a blend of many evolved learned skills. For effective communication to take place a person not only shares information with another person, but also ensure that the receiver clearly understands the information as it was intended; transmitting, receiving and understanding.

Communication can be broken down into several discrete parts:

How much an engineer can leverage their ability to increase productivity and utilize surrounding resources depends mostly on communication. Therefore, to focus on communication becomes critical to every engineer at any level.



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