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"The Importance of Thermodynamics on Process Simulation Modeling"

Timothy M. Zygula
Westlake Petrochemical Corp.
900 Hwy. 108
Sulphur, La 70664

Eric Roy
Westlake Petrochemical Corp.
900 Hwy. 108
Sulphur, La 70664

Pamela C. Dautenhahn, Ph.D., P.E. McNeese State University
College of Engineering and Technology
P.O. Box 91735
Lake Charles, La 70609-1735

Prepared for Presentation at the
The AIChE 2001 Spring National Meeting


This paper will demonstrate the importance of choosing the correct thermodynamic package when using a process simulator to model a distillation column. The authors will present a brief background of how thermodynamics are used in distillation design. The authors will then present a test case comparing operating data and design details of a commercial hydrocarbon column with results from three different process simulation packages. The test case will be used to demonstrate the steps to obtain a good model using a process simulator. Finally, the authors will provide guidelines to select the correct thermodynamic method when using a process simulation package to model a distillation column.

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