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Liem V. Pham Glitsch, Inc.

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J. Y. Jang Sunkyong E&C Ltd.

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Robert M. Garner Borden Chemicals & Plastics

Paper to be presented at the AIChE Spring National Meeting
Houston, TX March 12, 1997


Plugging of column internals in fouling services reduces column performance. More importantly, plant production will be interrupted due to frequent column downtime for cleaning of the internals. Trays, rather than packings, are the preferred column internals for these dirty services. Conventional trays, however, often have inactive areas, uneven and insufficient liquid cross-flows, stagnant liquid pools due to poor vapor/liquid distribution, and long liquid residence times in downcomers. All of these poor tray designs increase the tendency of polymerization, or solids settling on the tray. Glitsch's High Performance anti-fouling SUPERFLUX Tray, which features directional contact devices and a unique downcomer design, offers advanced anti-fouling tray technology to enhance tray performance. The advantages of the SUPERFLUX Tray include self-cleaning, vapor-driven liquid cross-flow, uniform liquid flow distribution, optimum vapor/liquid contact, minimum liquid residence time in the downcomer, and good liquid initial distribution to the active area.

The authors will present two (2) case studies detailing how the Glitsch SUPERFLUX Tray has increased capacity, efficiency, and extended run-time in petrochemical services. The first case study will detail the revamp of a Butadiene column. Data before and after the revamp will be presented. The second case study will detail the revamp of an EDC Heavy Ends column. The case study will show that after this column was revamped with Glitsch's SUPERFLUX Tray, there was a capacity increase of 24% as well as and an efficiency increase. Plant data, before and after revamp, of this column will be presented.

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