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Flare Safety Overview

Tarkiz Ruslan - Presenter

Tham Chee Mun

Karl Kolmetz

Presented At
7th ASEAN Regional Olefins Producers
Technical Conference
16-18 September 2002
Awana Kijal Resort
Kerteh, Malaysia


The Flare is a major part of the pressure relieving system for hydrocarbon processing plants. For most plants it is the last line of defense against potential hazards. Flare design should include thermal radiation limits, explosion hazards, liquid carryover, noise, temperature limits, and ground level concentrations of combustion products.

In Hydrocarbon Service there has been several flare line ruptures, therefore it is something each Ethylene Plant should review, particularly at every revamp or expansion.

We believe that Every Organization should have specific training and knowledge in these Safety Areas;

1. Hazard Identification

2. Relief Valve and Flaring System Design and Operation

3. Guide Lines for Safe Commissioning of Process Units

Flare Case Study #1

Flare Case Study #2

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