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Environmental Concerns Addressed in The Design of a New Ethylene Plant

Karl Kolmetz - Westlake Group

Greg Dunnels - ABB Lummus

Chris Gaines - Westlake Group (Speaker)

Lytton Lai- ABB Lummus

Presented at the 1998 AIChE Spring Conference,
to the Ethylene Producers Conference,
Environmental Subcommittee.


To convert an empty field to a commissioned Ethylene Plant has many challenges. The input from many engineering disciplines are needed. The unit must produce the designed rate of product within the limits of guaranteed conversion, utility consumption, and the current and anticipated environmental regulations.

In designing a new ethylene plant, many environmental considerations and concerns must be carefully evaluated, and value engineering must be added into the detail design to ensure that all relevant State and Federal environmental regulations will be met, and to ensure the plant is operationally and environmentally safe. The environmental issues start back at site selection and continue into operating concerns associated with air, water and waste regulations, both current and future.

The primary environmental issues to be considered are site location, attainment verses non attainment requirements, air, waste water, solid wastes, spill prevention and controls, hazardous and non hazardous waste disposal and permitting.

Environmental Concerns Addressed in the Design of a New Ethylene Plant.pdf

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