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Kolmetz.Com is a chemical engineering web site that publishes technical articles on distillation, process optimization, operations training, personal improvement, process unit safety and environmental concerns.

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The Art and Science of Distillation

Rev 1.0 was presented at Westlake Petrochemicals
Sulphur, La, USA June 1998

Rev 2.0 was presented at Titan Petrochemicals
Johor Barhu, Malaysia June 2001

Rev 3.0 was represented at Westlake Petrochemicals
Sulphur, La, USA March 2003

Pictures from the Westlake Presentation


Presentation includes;

1. Introduction
2. History of Distillation
3. Types of Stages
4. Control Schemes
5. Trouble Shooting
6. Industry Incidents
7. Conclusions

Here is Part One - Introduction - General Over View

Distillation (large files, use save target as)

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