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Kolmetz.Com is an chemical engineering web site that provides technical articles, process equipment design guidelines, process unit optimization studies, operations training, process unit safety and environmental consulting.

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Planned Courses

Refinery Training

Be sure and Plan to attend our Refinery Optimization Training held in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia on September 26th to 28th, 2017. Please Review the Brochure here

You may direct any enquiries/registration to: Ms. Eileen Yeo Sales Director
Telephone : +65 6747 8600 Email:eileen@miceglobal.com.sg

or you may register online here:http://www.miceglobal.com.sg/events/mgs-206.html

Ethylene Plant Training

Be sure and Plant to attend our Ethylene Plant Optimization Training held in Kuala Lampur Malaysia on Oct 2nd to 6th and in Houston on Nov 6th to 10th. Please review the Brochures here.

Ethylene Training Malaysia

Ethylene Training Houston

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