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Welcome to Kolmetz.Com

Kolmetz.Com is a chemical engineering web site that publishes technical articles on distillation, process optimization, operations training, personal improvement, process unit safety and environmental concerns.

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Index of Specialty Guidelines Articles

403. Design Guidelines for Utilizing Distillation Simulation Software in the Field

404. Design Guidelines for Distillation Revamps

405. Design Guidelines for Ethylene Quench Towers

406. Design Guidelines for Chemical Treatments in Distillation Columns

408. Design Guidelines for Extractive Distillation Columns

409. Design Guidelines for BTX Revamps

410. Troubleshooting Practice in the Refinery

411. Benchmarking a Waste Water Treatment Systems

412. BTX Extractive Distillation Capacity Increased by Enhanced Packing Distributors

416. Design Guideline for Propylene Splitter Distillation Columns

417. The Economic Advantage Added by Specialized Knowledge of Distillation Fundamentals

419. Contracting Strategy of Project Management

Index of Articles

001. Texas Refiner expands aromatics capacity 20% with staged revamp

007. Ethylene Unit Test Run Planning and Execution

009. Ethylene Unit Pyrolysis Furnace Opportunities & Strategic Improvements

010. Increase Fractionation Efficiency: Propylene Fractionation Example

015. Molecular Sieve Applications

016. Ethylene Unit Cracked Gas Compressor Case Studies on Fouling

018. Flow Phenomena in Staged and Non Staged Distillation Equipment

019. Advances in Cracking Furnace Technology

020. FCC Catalyst Selection

022. Revising an Ethylene Unit Feed Saturator

023. Career Guidelines for Young and Old Graduates

033. Communicating Effectively Among Engineers

041. Personal Development

090. Engineering Education Goals; Building Tomorrow's Leaders

113. Safety Editorial - Rough Road Ahead



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