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Kolmetz.Com is a chemical engineering web site that publishes technical articles on distillation, process optimization, operations training, personal improvement, process unit safety and environmental concerns.

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403. Design Guidelines for Utilizing Distillation Simulation Software in the Field

404. Design Guidelines for Distillation Revamps

405. Design Guidelines for Ethylene Quench Towers

406. Design Guidelines for Chemical Treatments in Distillation Columns

408. Design Guidelines for Extractive Distillation Columns

409. Design Guidelines for BTX Revamps

411. Benchmarking a Waste Water Treatment Systems

412. BTX Extractive Distillation Capacity Increased by Enhanced Packing Distributors

413. Ethylene Unit Operations Management Concepts

416. Design Guideline for Propylene Splitter Distillation Columns

Index of Articles

001. Texas Refiner expands aromatics capacity 20% with staged revamp

002. Engineering Fundamentals for Operators - Practical Distillation Fundamentals

003. Safety Results Mirror Expectations at New Grassroots Ethylene Plant

004. Environmental Concerns Addressed in the Design of a New Ethylene Plant

005. Cooling Tower Monitoring and Environmental Compliance

006. Resolving Distillation Equipment Problems

007. Ethylene Unit Test Run Planning and Execution

008. Ethylene Unit Saturator and Dilution Steam Generators Challenges

009. Ethylene Unit Pyrolysis Furnace Opportunities & Strategic Improvements

010. Increase Fractionation Efficiency: Propylene Fractionation Example

015. Molecular Sieve Applications

016. Ethylene Unit Cracked Gas Compressor Case Studies on Fouling

017. Flare Safety Overview

018. Flow Phenomena in Staged and Non Staged Distillation Equipment

019. Advances in Cracking Furnace Technology

022. Revising an Ethylene Unit Feed Saturator

023. Career Guidelines for Young and Old Graduates

024. Pyrolysis Furnace Technical Overview

026. Improving the Reliability of High Heat Flux Reboilers

027. The Design and Performance of a Packed Benzene Toluene Splitter

028. Anti Fouling Tray Technology

029. Use of Process Simulation for Distillation Design

030. The Importance of Thermodynamics on Process Simulation Modeling

035. Waste-heat recovery: Weighing in the environmental Factor

036. Spiral Heat Exchangers Preheat High Solids Black Liquor Without plugging

038. Analysis of NOx Reduction Techniques

039. Partial Catalytic Hydrogenation of Acetylene

040. Production of Polyethylene Using Gas Fluidized Bed Reactor

042. Allowances and Credits: Components of a Sound NOx Reduction Strategy

043. Radioisotope Technology - Benefits & Limitations in Packed Tower Diagnostics

047. Physical separation devices for Ethylene Plants

051. Extractive Distillation for the Separation of Benzene and Cyclohexane Mixture

053. Targeting the Minimum Water Rate Using Water Cascade Analysis Technique

057. Improve EB/SM Plant Distillation

061. Overview on C2 and C3 Selective Hydrogenation in Ethylene Plants

063. Hydrogen Sulfide Poisoning

064. Distributed Distillation with Heat Integration

068. An Overview of Oxygenates in Ethylene Units

069. Chemical Engineering Review Paper

070. Best Practices in Prevention and Suppression of Metal Packing Fires

073. Radioisotope Technology - Troubleshooting Packed Beds in Vacuum Distillation


078. Trouble Shooting an Ethylene Quench Water Tower

079. Design Guidelines for Extractive Distillation Columns

081. Succeed at Plant Debottlenecking

082. Measure and Access Maldistribution in Industrial Packed Towers

083. Multiple Down comer Fouling Paper

087. Ethylene Plant Safety Incidents

089. Integrate Process Simulation and Process Synthesis

091. Distillation Column Internals Related Process Intensification Developments

093. Setting Targets for Water and Hydrogen Networks using Cascade Analysis

095. Resource Conservation and Waste Minimization for Property Networks

096. Water Minimization by Pinch Technology

097. Synthesis of mass exchange network for batch processes - Part I: Utility targeting

098. Synthesis of mass exchange network for batch processes - part II: Minimum units target


100. Maximizing Water Recovery through Water Pinch Technology

104. Modeling and Simulation of Used Lubricant Oil Re-refining Process

106. Ammonia in a Steam Cracking Plant

107. Upgrade of a Tail-End Acetylene Converter

108. Cascade Analysis for setting the Targets for Resource Conservation Part 1

109. Cascade Analysis for setting the Targets for Resource Conservation Part 2

110. EPA Check Valve Review

111. Design Guidelines for Safety in Piping Networks

113. Safety Editorial - Rough Road Ahead


123. Converting a Commercial Column Into a Research Tower

126. Distillation Column Internals Related Process Intensification Developments

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