The Kolmetz Handbook of

Process Equipment Design 


Karl Kolmetz is the editor of "The Kolmetz Handbook of Process Equipment Design".   It is a how to design guideline for process equipment, starting with basic engineering fundamentals and progresses to the design of equipment.  In many engineering surveys there is an expressed need for equipment design fundamentals - this book was created to meet this need.


1.    Chapter One - Process Flow Sheeting

2.    Chapter Two - Piping Hydraulic Fluid Flow Sizing and Selection

3.    Chapter Three - Piping Hydraulic Two Phase Flow Sizing Calculations

4.    Chapter Four - Piping Hydraulic Surge Calculations

5.    Chapter Five - Fluid Flow Measurement Sizing and Selection

6.    Chapter Six - Instrumentation Control Valve Sizing and Selection

7.    Chapter Seven - General Instrumentation Sizing and Selection

8.    Chapter Eight - Pump Sizing and Selection

9.    Chapter Nine - Heat Exchanger Selection and Sizing

10.  Chapter Ten - Compressor Sizing and Selection

11.  Chapter Eleven - Separation Vessel Sizing and Selection

12.  Chapter Twelve - Distillation Column Sizing and Selection

13.  Chapter Thirteen - Relief Valve Sizing and Selection

14.  Chapter Fourteen - Safety in Process Equipment Design

15.  Chapter Fifteen  - Safety in Overpressure Reliving Systems





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