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Engineering Practice

is the official magazine of

The International Association of Certified Practicing Engineers

Published quarterly it will provide

IACPE News, Updates, Events and Engineering Articles.

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IACPE Training Modules

CPE Level I

Engineering Ethics One

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

Engineering Materials and Their Strengths

Inherently Safer Design

Solid and Fluid Mechanics

Physics and Electomagnetics

CPE Level II

Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Introduction to Software Engineering

Introduction to Environmental Engineering

Electrical Theory and Application

Electrical Circuits and Application

Electrical Power Supply and Regulation

Waste Water Treatment

Instrumentation Control Valve Sizing and Selection

Introduction to Project Management

Fluid Flow Measurement Sizing and Selection

Introduction to Information Systems

Statical Process Control


Production Control

Professional Technical Reports and Presentations

Engineering Ethics Two

Certified Practicing Project Management

Engineering Ethics One

Engineering Ethics Two

Inherently Safer Design

Introduction to Project Management

Managing Project Time, Quality and Cost

Managing Scope, Risk and Schedule

Managing Project Execution and Control

Managing Project Teams

Managing Stake Holders and Communications

Certified Practicing Safety Professional

Engineering Ethics One

Engineering Ethics Two

Inherently Safer Design

Process Safety Management

Process Hazard Identification for Operations and Maintenance

Safety, Risk Management, and Loss Prevention

Incident Investigation

Layers of Protection Analysis

Safe Isolation and Commissioning of Process Units and Equipment

Certified Process Technician

Practical Mathematics English

Practical Mathematics English / Bahasa

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