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Welcome to Kolmetz.Com


Kolmetz.Com is a chemical engineering web site that publishes technical articles on distillation, process optimization, operations training, personal improvement, process unit safety and environmental concerns.


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Career Coaching



A major part of any team's success is the coach. A good coach can take an ordinary team and make it a winner. A bad coach can take a great team and make it perform below expectation. In your career you occasionally need coaching. Sometimes coaching is asking the right questions, listening to what is really being said, and guiding toward the best strategy


A good career coach should be experienced, concerned about your career development, and honest. A list of references is available for KLM's Career Coaches.


Quotes from the coaching,


"This may have been the most valuable two hours I had this year."

"I wish I had known these guidelines when I was younger."

"You need to give these guidelines to people in school.


Personal Development


Many management seminars train on the basis of establishing personal development first, then business development and last the rewards of development. Personal development can be summarized as;

                    “To be more, you must become more”.

Many people claim that if they received a job promotion or a pay increase their production would increase. You must produce more than you are paid or the company you work for cannot stay in business. For your pay to increase, your production must have already increased. For you to be more, in promotions or pay, you must become, or produce, more. People, who never do more than they are paid for, will never earn more than they do.   

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